From Mi Fans to Partners

Xiaomi’s fans – Mi Fans – are an integral part of our corporate culture. Mi Fans also contribute to our widespread reach through a new program known as Xiaomi kiosks. In March 2017, we established a new sales channel called Xiaomi kiosks to reach districts without Mi Home Stores and towns and villages with limited e-commerce access. We’ve been encouraging Mi Fans to run their own Xiaomi kiosks, allowing them to use their in-depth knowledge of Xiaomi to become a Xiaomi business partner.

A Xiaomi kiosk in a small village

Ye Rong, from Wuxi city in Southern China’s Jiangsu province, is among the first Xiaomi kiosks owners, running a 12 sq. meter Xiaomi kiosk in a district of Wuxi. He sells a wide array of trendy Xiaomi products, including the Mi AI Speaker and the Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor.

Ye Rong’s Xiaomi kiosk

Like many other Xiaomi kiosks owners who are Internet savvy, aware of trends in technology and have developed a love for Xiaomi products, Ye Rong first became interested in Xiaomi in the summer of 2013, when he bought a Mi 3 for his father as a present.

At the start of 2014, he started to buy Redmi smartphones for his friends and acquaintances. He came to know the Xiaomi kiosks program in the start of 2017 and applied to it. After passing an exam to test his level of understanding of Xiaomi products, Ye Rong officially became a kiosk owner on June 1, 2017.

In the Xiaomi kiosks business model, owners don’t need to pay any initial fee or deposit and are given a lot of freedom, including the ability to choose the site of their kiosks. In fact, partners may choose not to have a brick-and-mortar store, and instead, have a series of pop up booths to reach customers in a variety of locations. Different from a full-scale store, Xiaomi kiosks owners can place small orders from Xiaomi headquarters to avoid the risk of excess inventory. Shop owners can also use the company’s warehouse, delivery services and post-service support. They are also given training from time to time, allowing them to share learnings and experiences from their region.

Xiaomi products on display at a Xiaomi kiosks owner’s pop-up booth

Because Xiaomi is deeply committed to fair business practices, they do require all partners abide by three key rules: all product prices must align with Mi Home stores’ sale prices, no cross-region sales and no cheating.

We have been encouraging our Mi Fan partners to use innovative methods to promote their business. Ye Rong has been glued to his Mi MIX 2, using various social media platforms to build a network of hundreds of clients. Another Mi Fan surnamed Xu, who is just 21, has achieved a monthly sales revenue of over RMB 100,000 by organizing creative roadshows in busy areas to attract new customers.

The Mi Fan, as well as Xiaomi kiosks owner surnamed Xu is organizing a roadshow

On August 2, 2017, after the first batch of Xiaomi kiosks reached a sales revenue of RMB 100 million, Ye Rong posted a WeChat group photo featuring representatives of Xiaomi kiosks owners with several Xiaomi executives. He wrote, “So proud to be part of this achievement. Thanks to all the users who have trusted me. We bring good products at honest prices, and high-quality door-to-door services as well.”