Partnering with global technology leaders to bring innovation to everyone

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve been committed to empowering consumers to enjoy technology. We’re proud that we’ve delivered our high quality and well-designed products at accessible prices to many around the world. While we relentlessly pursue innovation, we’ve also worked with the world’s top technology leaders including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to bring cutting-edge technology to an ever-increasing user base.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (first row, second from the left) visited one of our Mi Home stores in Beijing with Lei Jun (first row, third from the left), the founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, as well as Wang Xiang (first row, first from the left), Global Senior Vice President and Head of International Business.

Last week around Mobile World Congress 2018, the world’s largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry, we were part of two partnerships with Google in bringing its AR platform and Google Assistant to our smartphones. Here’s a recap of the announcements in case you missed it.

Partnership with Google ARCore

Augmented reality (AR) marks the next shift in what’s possible with mobile devices. With ARCore, Google’s AR platform for Android, developers can build AR apps and publish them to the Google Play store. ARCore apps can understand the user’s environment and place objects and information in it, enabling users to place virtual 3D objects on various surfaces, and change their view as they move the phone. In short, ARCore allows users to experience games or visualize rooms and spaces in new and innovative ways.

On February 23, we announced that Xiaomi has become one of Google’s ARCore partners. That means upcoming Xiaomi devices will support ARCore apps, bringing an amazing AR experience to more Android users both in China and globally.

Google ARCore’s immersion hub at MWC.

Partnership with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is available across various Android devices. Our Mi A1 was exhibited as one of the devices at the booth of Google Assistant during MWC.

Google Assistant is already integrated on our set-top boxes through Android TV.

Our set-top box and laser projector with buit-in set-top box was exhibited at the Google Assistant booth during MWC.

Additionally, we announced that we will be partnering with Google to bring Google Assistant capabilities to Xiaomi smartphones. A deeper integration with Google Assistant will bring new ways to interact with Xiaomi devices, yielding a better customer experience for Xiaomi users around the world.

A deeper integration with Google Assistant will give users new ways to interact with their Xiaomi products, providing a better user experience when implemented in upcoming products.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen our ties with existing partners, as we identify ways to collaborate with new ones – all in an effort to bring more fairly priced, high-quality products and services to everyone.