Be the first to try out Android P beta on Mi MIX 2S

As an Internet company, Xiaomi has always emphasized on making the best user experience on our apps. Xiaomi’s first product was MIUI, our proprietary operating system built on the Android kernel. From the start, MIUI has fully embraced the Android ecosystem, including all mobile apps.

Working with developers has always been a very important part of our DNA, and after entering the hardware business, Xiaomi has continued to ensure that our users get the best user experience possible, backed by seamless integration between hardware and software.

Continuing to deliver on this vision, Xiaomi today announced its participation in the Android P Developer Preview program. This provides developers and early adopters a chance to experience the latest Android release on Mi MIX 2S, allowing them to try out the latest features, and test apps they have developed, ensuring that they work on the upcoming Android P.

Android P is the upcoming version of Google’s mobile operating system, and comes with many new features for developers and users. For example, developers will be able to simulate a notch on the top of the screen to accommodate for smartphones that have this design. Notifications have also been enhanced in Android P in supported messaging apps, you can see images in the notifications. Users who wish to learn more about the Android P Developer Preview can visit

First announced on 27 March, Mi MIX 2S is a natural choice for Xiaomi’s participation in new, innovative programs. Featuring an exceptional AI dual camera and the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 platform, Mi MIX 2S takes Xiaomi’s photography technologies to a new level  and demonstrates Xiaomi’s commitment to making its innovations accessible to the widest possible range of consumers.

With Mi MIX 2S now part of the Android P Developer Preview program, developers can now choose to test their latest apps on a flagship device that starts at RMB 3299 (about US$520) in China, and which will be available in many of Xiaomi’s global markets soon. This allows developers to tap into a flagship experience at an accessible price.

To try our developer preview on Mi MIX 2S, please visit to download the software. Full instructions are also available on the site. All versions of Mi MIX 2S are supported.

The developer preview is not final software, and some features may be missing. Those who want to try it out are reminded to back up their software before downloading and installing the developer preview. Users can also submit feedback and bugs through our webpage.