[News] Xiaomi launches Mi Laptop Air 13,3” in Spain

Ultra performance in an ultra-light package, available on 27 June at 899€

MADRID, Spain, 27 June 2018 – Global technology leader Xiaomi is excited to announce the launch of their latest Mi Laptop Air 13,3” today in Spain. Compact yet powerful, Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air 13,3” is one of the slimmest and lightest ultraportables with a dedicated graphics card and expandable SSD hard drive, which solves most traditional ultraportables’ pain points.

Clean and sleek

Featuring a full metal body in dark grey, the Mi Laptop Air 13,3” has a minimalistic design with a thickness of only 14.8mm and a weight of 1.3kg. With no visible logo on the external chassis, Mi Laptop Air has a minimalistic design – also making it the perfect palette for users who love to customize. The 13,3 inch Gorilla-glass laminated HD screen has very thin bezels (5.59mm), which further adds to its premium look and feel. Its full size backlit keyboard comes with black keycaps, which makes it easily readable in low-light environment.

Superb performance

Aside from having a sleek and ultra-light design, this laptop is remarkably powerful. Packed with the latest 8th generation Intel Kaby Lake Refresh Core i5-8250U CPU chip, a quad-core 3.4GHz (max) processor, as well as 8GB DRR4 RAM, Mi Laptop Air 13,3″ offers a smooth operating experience even for heavy tasks such as photo editing and video rendering. Mi Laptop Air 13,3” also has a dedicated graphics card – NVIDIA MX150 GPU with 2GB GDDR5 video memory, rarely seen in this category of thin-and-light laptops. This dedicated graphics card, along with a great cooling system, which consists of ultra-thin metallic fan blades and large copper heat dissipation pipe, lets users enjoy the latest games.

Mi Laptop Air 13,3” comes with a large 256GB PCle SSD. PCle SSDs are up to three times faster than normal SATA drive widely used in laptops. There is also an expandable SSD slot for those who needs extra storage.

Smooth touchpad and quick unlock

Pre-installed with Windows 10 Home, Mi Laptop Air 13,3” uses a large high Windows precision touchpad (110 x 67mm); its uni-body glassy surface allows smooth and precise cursor control and supports multi-touch gestures such as scrolling, zooming and switching between programs. On the touchpad’s top right corner is the integrated fingerprint scanner which allows quick unlock of the laptop.

Amazing audio

Mi Laptop 13,3” incorporates two custom speakers developed by the professional Austrian manufacturer AKG that runs at 2Wx2. Its excellent sound quality is also enhanced by the Dolby Audio Premium Surround Sound technology, that supports computer and headphone surround sound effects with high-fidelity 24kHz and 48kHz audio playback.

Fast charge

With a 40Wh battery, the Mi Laptop 13,3” battery lasts up to 9.5 hours* on a single charge. With support for 1C fast charge, the Mi Laptop Air 13,3” will charge to 50% in just 30 mins.

Mi Laptop Air 13,3” will be available for sale on 27 June at 899€ at Authorized Mi Stores. Mi.com and PcComponentes will follow suit a later date.

*Battery life varies upon actual usage

Download images here: Mi Laptop Air 13,3”

For additional information about Xiaomi, visit: http://blog.mi.com/en/. For more information about the products available in Spain, visit http://www.mi.com/es.