Xiaomi unveils core technologies at MIDC 2019

Beijing, China, November 19, 2019 – Xiaomi officially announced that an earthquake warning function has been integrated into the company’s user interface MIUI at the annual Mi Developer Conference on Tuesday.

“With the help of the Smartphone + AIoT dual core strategy, Xiaomi will continue its effort in making 5G + AIoT part of daily life for everyone,” said Lei Jun, Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi.

“Apart from the plan of marketing over ten 5G devices in 2020, we will take great advantage of our world leading position in AIoT to bring the definition of Smart Home to all,” Lei added.

Earthquake warning function in MIUI 11

The world’s first integration of such services in the smartphone operating system, this function allows alerts to be sent to smartphones with MIUI 11 and Mi TV seconds to tens of seconds before the quake waves arrive. It was launched on September 20 on a trial basis when the MIUI 11 was released.

Partnering with Institute of Care-life, a Chengdu-based organization focusing on natural disaster warning, Xiaomi has activated the service first in the earthquake-prone Sichuan Province and will soon expand the program nationwide.

Founded after the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008, the institute is world leading in earthquake warning. “Comparing with the earthquake warning alerts sent via smartphone apps available in a few countries, this function integration into the operating system saves users from having to download the apps. It also ensures a timely alert delivery by prioritizing the warning messages and reducing latency,” said Wang Tun, head of the institute.

Fan Dian, General Manager of the IoT platform department of Xiaomi, called for wider adoption of the function by other smartphone and IoT providers and said the company is willing to share its practices and experience.

Xiao Ai 3.0 launched

Xiaomi announced today the update of its Xiao Ai voice assistant to 3.0, which incorporates with a male voice option and the capability of having a naturally continuous dialogue via smartphones.

Behind the functional upgrading, it is Xiaomi’s continuous investment in AI R&D. “Xiaomi’s AutoML model now leads the industry by dataset performance; and MiNLP, the company’s natural language processing platform, is activated over 6 billion times on a daily basis, making Xiao Ai one of the world’s busiest AI platform,” said Cui Baoqiu, VP and Chairman of Xiaomi’s Technical Committee.

By the end of the second quarter, the number of monthly active users of Xiao Ai stood at 49.9 million, making it one of the most used AI voice interactive platforms in mainland China.

Open-source initiatives

As an industry leader, Xiao has insisted on the open-source approach. MACE, the company’s open-source deep-learning framework, announced the arrival of a new version at today’s conference.

MACE-Kit will officially open its source soon, in an effort to further benefit developers. This approach also attracts Daniel Povey, Founder of speech recognition open source tool Kaldi, to join Xiaomi.

Innovations behind Mi MIX Alpha

For the first time, Xiaomi has unveiled the three core technologies behind its recently launched Mi MIX Alpha concept smartphone.

Xiaomi’s innovative layered lamination technology breaks the limit of curved screen and reveals an incredible surround display. Meanwhile, the leading quad antenna solutions optimized for the unique screen form-factor, and its independently-developed UI software solution that revolutionizes screen display and user experience help Xiaomi accomplish its step from zero to one on Surround Display.

Xiaomi Finance

Hong Feng, Co-founder and CEO & Chairman of Xiaomi Finance, said Xiaomi will push forward with industrial finance innovations to better serve partners in manufacturing industry around the globe.

The company has invested in over 270 ecosystem partners, among which more than 100 are focused on the development of smart hardware and lifestyle products. The unique ecosystem model gives the company substantial advantages in supply chain finance and it now serves more than 400 business partners along the chain.

With sophisticated risk management model and technology capability, and extensive user base and supply chain partners, Xiaomi Finance has a solid business foundation and potentials to grow.