Top 4 Xiaomi Products to Transform the Way You Travel

While everyone gets excited for a relaxing vacation, no one looks forward to the most stressful aspect – travel. Utilizing innovative technologies and carefully attending to details, we have several products that can help alleviate some of the stresses and make the transition from bedroom to beach side more enjoyable.

90 Point Metal Luggage

Photo by Virginia Xu

One of the major innovated technologies on our 90 Point Metal Luggage should be its ultra-quiet 360 degree spinning wheels, specially made with silica gel and man-made elastic rubber, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We carefully selected an independent China-based wheel manufacturer, known in the suitcase wheel industry for always willing to take challenges to make very demanding products. As a result, the wheels are very, very flexible. “Even a gentle breeze can make the wheels move,” as a user named “Alitaozitu” described on Xiaomi BBS. Besides, it makes little noise on smooth roads.

Photo by Virginia Xu

Another innovation comes from its design. Instead of the popular parallel groove structure of case shell and a design of vertical striped ribs, our suitcase has a large area of mirror-like surface with just a few horizontal striped ribs. That means, due to less ribs that consititue the exterior, we had to look for a sturdier and more elastic material. Though we were new to the suitcase market, we relentlessly explored ways to make innovation, as what we have done on crafting our smartphones. At last we ordered a higher labeled aluminum from Alcoa, the world’s leading aluminum provider. This aluminum provides a shock absorbing resistance and sustains color and sturdiness for a longer period of time. We were the first to use such a material and now Samsonite and Tumi also use the same material we’ve chosen, according to the product manager of our suitcase.

The luggage includes an adjustable drawbar to suit every height. We also designed a tilted surface for TSA customs locks, allowing users to easily unlock their suitcase without the extra hassle of rearranging items.

Our 90 Point Luggage also comes in Makrolon material versions sized in 20”, 24” and 28”, priced from RMB 299 to RMB 499.

Mi Power Bank

Photo by Virginia Xu

According to our statistics as far as 30 Sept 2016, we have sold over 55 million Mi Power Banks in the past three years.

Smartphones are the way we connect to our world, perhaps even more so when traveling, making battery life – or lack thereof – an important concern. The Mi Power Bank will provide the battery boost your phone needs any time, any place, and comes in three sizes: a normal size (10000mAh), a slim size (5000mAh) and a newly released super-size (20000mAh). When traveling, we recommend the normal size, as it easily fits inside any carry-on bag, or even a standard clutch purse.

Photo by Virginia Xu

Due to the dual-battery cell technology, the 10000 mAh allows for 2 full charges on the Mi Note, 3.5 full charges on the iPhone 6 and 1 full charge on an iPad Mini, the perfect amount to carry you over to your connecting flight or destination.

For the avid business traveler or family needing to charge multiple products while on the go, the Mi USB Charging Hub is a must-have. Available with either two or four ports, you won’t have to choose between charging your iPad or Power Bank.

8H Travel U-Shaped Pillow

Photo by Virginia Xu

While the market is cluttered with travel pillows, our 8H Travel U-Shaped Pillow rests above the others – unparalleled materials, including natural latex for the interior and slub cotton for the exterior, give it a pliable, breathable quality. The Travel U-Shaped Pillow can contour to any neck or waist, providing comfort in an otherwise cramped airplane seat.

The pillow comes in grey or beige and easily fits inside a standard carry-on luggage.

TS Polarized Sunglasses


With its classic Aviator style, our TS Polarized Sunglasses are a necessity when traveling and exploring new places.

Bearing a 20 micrometer anti-scratch coating—an innovated high technology material, lenses can automatically repair slight scratches in two seconds with a temperature between 73-77 degree Fahrenheit, and 30 seconds for temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The glasses are comprised of six layers, absorbing 99% of ultraviolet rays and protecting the sunglasses from moisture and air.

Designed with consumers’ needs in mind, we are glad to do our part to make travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Just as the design team of the 90 Point Metal Luggage said, “Design is for solving problems. Our goal is very simple – to make good products with attractive prices and to make innovation available for everyone.”

We offer smartphones, and toothbrushes

When Xiaomi released the Mi Electric Toothbrush under our “Mi Ecosystem” sub-brand, we were met with questions as to why we are creating products outside of our traditional smartphone offerings. People couldn’t understand why we were branching out to become a “supermarket”. And we’ve received this type of response in the past with our other products like the Mi Air Purifier, towels and suitcases.

And the answer is simple: Xiaomi is much more than a smartphone company. We are a company that provides innovation to everyone at every level — from smartphones and technology to IoT connected smart products to the basic everyday tools like power banks, backpacks and pens.

We live in a connected world and we strive to provide the latest technology and products to our consumers. You can understand our current product line-up in three groups: smartphones, smart products and non-smart products.

However, we don’t lose focus even with this array of products. No one company can be the best at everything, so while we focus on our core products, we invest in companies that are able to take us into new and exciting categories. We have so far invested in 89 companies that design and manufacture products beyond our three core product categories: smartphones, smart TVs and smart routers. Among these, many have been incubated by Xiaomi from their founding. In fact, we are the world’s most successful hardware incubator.

You can understand our current product line-up in three groups: smartphones, smart products and non-smart products.

Smartphones are at the center of everything we do, which has attracted a large group of users who are young and Internet savvy. From our latest Mi 6 to Mi MIX to our Redmi phones, we are able to offer the latest technology at very accessible prices.

The second product division is our smart devices that can be connected to our IoT platform, like Mi Water Purifier, Mi Induction Heating Rice cooker and others. Our hope is that these smart products help enhance our Mi Fans’ lives, where traditional non-connected products cannot. For example, with our smart Mi Air Purifier, we’re able to turn the unit on with a Mi Home app during our evening commute home.

The third is our “non-smart” products, like towels, and suitcases. While they are not smart products, they are products we inevitably need in our everyday lives. One of our favorite examples is the 90 Point Luggage, which is reliable, attractive and priced disruptively for more people to enjoy the high quality of this product.

We are a company that constantly seeks innovation at every level and the opportunities surrounding smart products are unending. We understand the rise in demand for smart products, as after all, we too reap the benefits of having a smart Mi Air Purifier. However, to fulfill our mission of “Innovation for Everyone”, we also strive to bring high-quality “non-smart” consumer products to our users.